Fight Club Screenwriter to Explore Outlaw Author’s Tortured Life in New Doc
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Ryan Leone, a 32-year-old internationally renown cult novelist, began his writing career during a five year stint in federal prison for his participatory role in a cartel conspiracy case. An intravenous heroin addict for over half of his life, Leone’s story boasts an atypical blend of life-changing opportunity and perpetual catastrophic mayhem. Arrested for a new criminal case last April, shortly after being released from federal prison for the second time, Leone’s promising career is seemingly on hold again. Despite his debut novel, Wasting Talent, being optioned by iconic filmmaker Will De Los Santos of Spun fame, and a documentary on his life, Idiot Savant: The Savage Life or Ryan Leone, to be penned by Fight Club screenwriter Jim Uhls.

Fight Club Screenwriter to Explore Outlaw Author’s Tortured Life in New Doc

Bullet Entertainment - Wendy Benge
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Wendy Benge, a successful Los Angeles-based film Producer and Entertainment Attorney, has returned to New Zealand from Hollywood to develop initiatives that will benefit Kiwi filmmakers and bring jobs to New Zealanders. Benge recently launched her New Zealand production company Bullet Entertainment, with offices based in Wellington and Hollywood. Benge is actively looking to develop several New Zealand films over the next few years. “New Zealand still has my heart and I’ve been looking for the right opportunity to share what I’ve learned in the US with our next generation of Kiwi filmmakers”, explains Benge. “When I heard about the new Screen Advisory Board’s plan to help the New Zealand film industry create the skills and connections needed to generate their own intellectual property, to compete internationally and attract overseas finance to New Zealand, I knew the time was right to come back and do my part. This is just the beginning.”

Kiwi-American Producer returns to New Zealand

Broken Vows

WES BENTLEY AND JAIMIE ALEXANDER TO STAR IN BROKEN VOWS Los Angeles, CA (June 26, 2014) – Actors Wes Bentley (Intersteller, Knight of Cups, The Hunger Games, American Beauty) and Jaimie Alexander (London Fields, Thor: The Dark World, Thor) will star in the upcoming psychological thriller Broken Vows. Written by James Agnew and Sean Keller (Rage). Broken Vows is produced by Wendy Benge (Life of Crime, Life After Beth) and Larry Ladove (The Butler, Life of Crime) will serve as Executive Producer. Stonecreek Films will be financing the film.

TheHungerGames Star Wes Bentley And @JaimieAlexander Have BROKEN VOWS