Bullet Entertainment is now producing films throughout New Zealand.

As part of a collaborative effort, Film Wellington and Bullet Entertainment are putting together new initiatives to aid and provide US, New Zealand and other foreign filmmakers invaluable insights on locations and filmmaking in New Zealand. New Zealand is not only exquisite in cinematic beauty but it offers exceptionally talented crew and post facilities that are not only cost effective but cater to both high and low budget indy filmmaking.

Bullet Entertainment is also working in collaboration with Admit One and the Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec).


During our scouts it was amazing to note while many of the views may have seemed hard to get to by appearance, we found the opposite to be true. In fact, many of the locations had man-made and easy access which made filming and preparation very easy, with very little effort or time loss – literally a step from a road right to a jungle location. New Zealand can by double for just about anywhere in the world. For more information please contact our friends at to assist in locations. Stunning Wellington above and New Zealand below.


New Zealand contact: James Partridge, Marketing Director | +64 21 925252 | james@admitone.co.nz